This website presents ideas for making our cities more enjoyable and liveable.  We all know when a city or town has charm and warmth — when we feel delight and enjoy being there.  A few travel magazines even post lists of “The 10 most charming cities…”

Some places have historic charm.  Others achieve it by virtue of good design by good architects and city planners —and by the sensible efforts of decent developers.

Other places are dismal and cold —maybe even anti-human.  For example, see the places with brutalist architecture or what a Swiss friend from long ago called “fascist architecture.”  Some examples will be posted later.  For now, visualize the City Hall in Boston, and its brick desert (aka “plaza”).

Much credit for any sensibility on this site goes to my wife of many years, récemment passé, who studied art history in many places and who nurtured in me a sense of taste like hers, which was both conservative of all that was good and progressive for its human values.

Naturally, as always, any mistakes of judgment are mine.  And my mind may well be addled by 36 years working as a city planner.  Plus some time served creating affordable housing and conserving some unique natural areas.

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Thanks for reading and watching.